Alaskan Authority on Arctic Hunting

About Me

Paul D. Atkins is an outdoor writer and author who has lived and hunted among the Inuit Eskimos of Northwest Alaska for the last 20 years. He has written hundreds of articles on hunting and fishing in Alaska, specializing in big game and surviving the extremes of the far north. Whether it’s chasing moose along a willow choked river or searching for musk ox in sub-zero conditions, Paul’s experience in the arctic is vast and has been well documented through his many published works.

Besides being a regular columnist and contributing writer for several publications, Paul also teaches for the Northwest Arctic Borough School District and the University of Alaska, where promoting education in and out of the classroom have always been his primary goals.

Paul grew up on a farm in Oklahoma where he followed in his Dad’s footsteps, chasing whitetail deer through woodlots and back pastures, which furthered his love for the great outdoors and the pursuit of big game. His first hunting article was published in 1990, and after a trip to Alaska a few years later he decided to pull up his southern roots and move north for more adventure.

Paul has been featured in numerous magazines and hunting shows, all detailing his unique and unusual hunting exploits not only in Alaska, but throughout North America and Africa. Paul has been married to his wife Susan for 19 years, and together they have a 18-year-old son Eli, who also enjoys being outdoors and pursuing life with is father in the Last Frontier.